Collaborator: Maize B Vitamin Pathways

Project Summary

The rapid progress in sequencing plant genomes and genes has exposed the lack of inform¬ation regarding the function of >70% of the proteins encoded. In addition, these studies have shown that many such unknowns also occur in bacteria and archaea. Comparative genomics is a powerful approach to uncover gene function, as is advanced in silico reconstruction of an organism's metabolism. PlantSeed LogoIn this project, both approaches are used to improve the accuracy of functions assigned to maize metabolic genes and to predict functions for unknown genes, with special emphasis on B vitamins (folate, niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, pantothenate, and biotin). The most promising functional predictions are experimentally validated by combining genetic and metabolic profiling approaches in bacteria with biochemical assays of recombinant proteins and with genetic tests in maize. The expected overall outcome of this project is the implementation of a comparative genomics prediction and validation pipeline for maize gene function discovery, using B vitamin metabolism as a paradigm. Gene functions (annotations) are publicly available via the PlantSEED websites below.

The project is implementing an interdisciplinary approach to gene function discovery that is extendable to any metabolic network. In the process, it is enriching the maize genome by imposing consistency on thousands of metabolic gene annotations, and by improving the annotations of hundreds of unknown genes. Both impacts advance future function discovery. Furthermore, by developing genome-scale in silico metabolic reconstructions, the work is initiating a systems approach to understanding maize metabolism. Integrally, the work is providing cross-disciplinary training in comparative genomics, metabolic biochemistry, and microbial genetics to students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty. In addition the project holds an annual 3-day hands-on workshop at University of Florida to train researchers to predict functions using the SEED, PlantSEED, and other comparative genomics databases, with special emphasis on training faculty from minority serving institutions. Finally the project contributes to an undergraduate bioinformatics course in which students participate in gene function discovery and metabolic reconstructions using comparative genomics, and to a graduate course in which students develop functional predictions for unknowns in the project.

Principal Investigators

  • Andrew Hanson (Principal Investigator)
  • Jesse Gregory (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Donald McCarty (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Valérie de Crécy-Lagard (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Christopher Henry (Co-Principal Investigator)



  • Supported by the NSF - NSF Grant No. IOS-1025398


Gene annotation of maize B-vitamin and other metabolic pathways.


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  • * With NSF MCB-1153413