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  • Type of the Data sets submitted or expected from this group (sequences, microarray, RNA-Seq, Diversity etc.): MaizeGDB is a community-oriented, long-term, federally funded informatics service to researchers focused on the crop plant and model organism Zea mays.
  • Short description of data: species, cultivar or strain, treatment, developmental stage, tissue types: Many diverse types of data can be found at MaizeGDB, such as: DNA sequence, Genome assemblies, Genome Browser, Genetic maps, Cytogenetic maps, Hapmaps, Mapping panels, Loci, Gene Models, Mutations, Alleles. Stocks, QTLs, SNPs, BACs, Markers, Probes, Gene Products, Pathway data, microarray data, expression atlas, RNAseq, microRNAs, insertion elements and stocks, images of mutants, images of gel patterns, references, people, organizations, tutorials, curated list of maize projects and resources, and community information such as Maize Meeting sign ups.
  • Link to data sets: Too many- just link to the homepage: MaizeGDB.org
  • Cross-reference(if these data is submitted to other public databases). Many of these data are from other websites, and these links can be found on the releavent pages at MaizeGBD.
  • Publication(s):

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