Collaborator: WheatIS

WheatIS project

An integrated information system for the wheat research community

Chair: Hadi Quesneville

Co-Chairs: Mario Caccamo, David Edwards, Gerard Lazo

Expert Working Group members: Alaux Michael, Bastow Ruth, Baumann Ute, Clarke Fran, Dubcovsky Jorge, Edwards David, Herrero Javier, Itoh Takeshi, Kersey Paul, Marshall David, Martinez Cesar, Matthews Dave, Mayer Klaus, N’Diaye Amidou, Rawlings Christopher, Franck Röber, Ware Doreen.

Project Overview

The WheatIS will operate as a hub integrating wheat data produced and submitted to the public repositories by the community. It will rely on a network of bioinformatic platforms willing to contribute and to work in synergy to provide the wheat scientific community an easy access to wheat data. These platforms, each being considered as a WheatIS node, will share their resources (staff, storage, infrastructure, and tools).


Building and maintenance of the WheatIS will rely primarily on the contributions of the partner WheatIS nodes and their funding institutions, each of them dedicating resources to the project. Additional resources will be looked for from national or international calls for proposals, with the EWG coordinating proposals and writing letters of support.