This work was initially supported (2001-2004) by the USDA Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems (IFAFS) (grant no. 00-52100-9622) and a Cooperative State Research and Education Service (CSREES) agreement through the USDA Agricultural Research Service (1907-21000-030 "Identification of Functional Sequence in Plant Genomes Through Bioinformatic, Genomic, and Genetic Approaches").

The National Science Foundation (NSF) supported this work through NSF Plant Genome Initiative grant award #0321685 during the years 2004-2007, NSF award #0851652 (REU Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Summer Undergraduate Program) in 2009-2012, and since 2007, through NSF Plant Genome Research Resource grant award #0703908. Current work is being supported by NSF Improving Plant Genome Annotation grant award #1127112 (Gramene - Exploring Function through Comparative Genomics and Network Analysis).