Genomes inclusion criteria

How are genomes prioritized for inclusion into Gramene?

Several factors are taken into consideration to determine when new genomes are added to Gramene, including:

  • Genome assembly submission to INSDC (GenBank, EMBL, DDBJ): Gramene is party to the Ensembl/NCBI/UCSC Browser Genome Release Agreement requiring submission of genome assemblies to the INSDC in order to ensure consistency and provenance of genomes across data providers.
  • Collaborative agreements: Gramene serves as data providers for several publicly funded projects by collaborative agreement.
  • Community needs: value as crop or model. As part of our outreach activities Gramene staff participate in many annual scientific conferences, such PAG (San Diego) and ASPB Plant Biology, to stay apprised of developments within the plant biology community.
  • Quality of assembly & annotation: Gramene’s browser and comparative genomics infrastructure is best suited for complete and contiguous sequences.
  • Evolutionary significance: The power of comparative genomics depends on the taxonomic breadth and depth of species included. Gramene is interested in representing major clades within the plant kingdom.
  • Recommendations of SAB. Gramene relies on the advice and direction provided by our Scientific Advisory Board.

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