Collaborator: ASPB publishing

PI: Dr. Crispin Taylor

Project Title: Transform the community through communication and training

Funding agency: NSF (funded partner of Gramene project)

ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists) publishes the top-ranking journals 'Plant Cell', and 'Plant Physiology'. As Gramene hosts information on a growing variety of plant species, we are working with the ASPB journals and community experts to develop an improved and automated version of the manuscript and data submission form that applies to multiple species. In addition, we are collaborating in defining data formats and standards for data annotation by the plant research community at the time of manuscript submission. Integrating data that are published in journals with data that reside in the publicly available databases improves the utility and accessibility of both for the researchers.
We have begun with a focus on targeted plant pathways and enlarge our scope through an iterative process as adoption grows. The goal is to train current and future plant biologists how to provide accurate and reliable data sets as we believe that authors are the expert in the area and thus the best curators of their data.

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