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How do you like the new Gramene site? -- Tell us what you think!

Last Friday, the Gramene website underwent a dramatic facelift. We hope that this has positively impacted your research, but we probably can do a lot more to improve.

Do you find the site easier or more difficult to navigate? Are you missing some functionality? How could we improve?

Please take a few minutes to take this short SURVEY and let us know what you think!

Gramene database build 40 released

The Gramene Team is pleased to announce its release #40.

You'll notice we have a new look --- You can find all the old stuff at Gramene's Archive

In collaboration with Ensembl Plants we are providing in this release:

  1. Updated gene models for Oryza sativa japonica from RAP-DB.
  2. Gene models for Triticum aestivum (bread wheat) chromosome survey sequences from MIPS.
  3. MaizeCyc updated to version 2.2 including new GO associations.

Gramene workshop at PAG 2014 — Gramene’s got a new look!

Please join the Gramene Team for their upcoming workshop at the Plant and Animal Genomes (PAG) 2014 Conference!

Learn the latest updates to Gramene’s comparative genomics and pathways visualization/mining tools to aid your research of plant models and crops.

Workshops will give a broad overview of Gramene’s database resources and demonstrate many specific topics like how to:

iPlant’s Workshop @ CSHL 2013 Plant Genomes & Biotechnology featuring a Gramene Demo

This 1/2-day FREE workshop will take place on Wednesday, December 5 of 2013 from 12 – 5 pm at the Hershey Bldg. (West Conference Rm) of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It will also be broadcasted online, see details below.

It will cover hands-on examples to get you started doing Genome Assembly, Annotation, and RNA-Seq using tools developed by the iPlant Collaborative, a cyberinfrastructure project funded by the National Science Foundation.

Participants will get hands-on experience with the following iPlant cyberinfrastructure:

Gramene database build 39 released

The Gramene Team is pleased to announce its release #39. In collaboration with Ensembl Plants we are providing in this release:

DNA Biology and Bioinformatics summer camp for high school students at Oregon State University

“Did you know that there are millions of DNA building blocks encoded in the genome of a plant? How can scientists possibly study this vast amount of data? With computers! Come and explore the tools of modern biology used to examine the complexities of DNA. This camp will involve hands-on activities where you will extract genetic material from a plant, assemble DNA sequences, identify genes using computers, examine your plant’s genome with visualization software, and test and look at your results in the laboratory. No programming skills required!”


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