Let’s talk about plant superpowers!

Ever wondered what inspired Sci-Fi super-heroes Groot and Poison Ivy?  Well, it was real plants!  Students and educators looking to be amazed by the impressive abilities of plants to adapt and survive in harsh environments are most welcome to join us on this adventure to learn about plant adaptations.  This session is designed for children ages 7-8 but everyone else who is looking to discover their favorite plant super-power is welcome to join us!

To celebrate Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) 2017, Dr. Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY), scientific project manager and outreach coordinator of the Gramene Project will be conducting a hands-on activity with the young and bright minds of students and educators in the following settings:

* Wednesday, May 17th @ 1 pm EDT - Bayville Primary School, Mrs. Alonge's second grade class

* Wednesday, May 17th @ 5 pm EDT - Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club.  This session will be broadcasted live via Periscope and recorded at Botany Live and the Gramene YouTube channel

* Thursday, May 18th @ 12 pm EDT - Online for Botany Live

We will be live streaming using the Periscope app (Twitter: @GrameneDatabase) for Botany Live.

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Update:  You may now watch our post-broadcasting videos directly in the periscope links below: