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Linking Markers, Molecules, and Morphology in DNA Biology & Bioinformatics summer camp

Jaiswal laboratory at Oregon State University (OSU) organized a weeklong summer camp on DNA Biology & Bioinformatics from 7th-11th July 2014. The participants included 7 female and 8 male high school students from local area.


High School Students Genotype Einkorn Wheat Varieties in DNA Biology Summer Camp at Oregon State University

Twelve students (9th-12th grade) from local schools attended a DNA Biology Summer Camp organized by the Jaiswal laboratory at Oregon State University (OSU) in July 2014. The activities during the camp included short introductory lectures and follow up exercises using models and laboratory experiments. To further enrich their camp experience, learning in a collaborative environment was encouraged. Dr. Laurel Cooper, a research associate in the Jaiswal laboratory, introduced the students to the basics of the plant cell, and genetic material.



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