Gramene at PAG 2019 Conference

The Gramene team looks forward to meeting plant researchers at the Plant and Animal Genome XXVII conference from 12th-16th January, 2019. You can meet Gramene folks at: 

Announcing Gramene Database release #59 with new and updated plant genomes and pathways

The Gramene Team is pleased to announce its Release #59 with the Genome section providing access to information on 2,156,459 genes and 57 reference plant genomes. 1,860,691 protein-coding genes are organized in 96,500 gene families. The Plant Reactome -- Gramene's pathway portal -- introduces its new website for improved user engagement and provides 14 new curated pathways.

Scholarships for PUI faculty for Maize Genome Annotation Jamborees 2019

Scholarships for PUI faculty to develop student projects to improve the maize reference genome


before Plant and Animal Genome Conference (San Diego, CA; January 10-11, 2019)




Gramene Pathway Curation Jamboree 7th-10th August, 2018



Photo: Left to right in the front row are Sushma Naithani, Justin Preece, Parul Gupta and in the back row are Valerie Fraser, Lillian K Padgitt-Cobb, Kelly Vining, Noor-Al-Bader and Priyanka Garg.

The Gramene Database build 58 is out with new and updated genomes!

The Gramene Team is pleased to announce its release #58 with 2,140,348 genes and 56 reference plant genomes.  Among those, 1,783,803 protein-coding genes are organized in 71,284 gene family trees.

Scholarships available for PUI faculty -- Maize Annotation Jamboree: RESCHEDULED for 2019

The NSF-funded MaizeCODE and Gramene projects invites PUI faculty to apply to participate in maize genome annotation jamborees in 2019. The goal of each Jamboree will be to test and mature genome annotation tools being developed for MaizeCODE, while contributing to the genome annotation of the 24 NAM founder lines of the Maize PanGenome.

Strawberry DNA extraction with third graders

On June 11th, Gramene's project manager and outreach, education and training coordinator, Dr. Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, visited third graders at Bayville Intermediate School in New York to guide them through a DNA extraction from strawberries using household ingredients like soap, salt and alcohol.


Strawberry DNA extraction with third graders is fun!

Mining Maize with Gramene - Free Webinar May 22, 2018 @ 2 pm EDT

Have you ever needed to know if the maize gene you work on has an ortholog in sorghum or Arabidopsis? ... Has the gene family that you are working on expanded or contracted relative to other crop or model grass species? ... Is the biochemical pathway you work on conserved in sorghum and soybean?

If so, you may want to explore these questions in the Gramene database!

The Gramene Database build 57 is out with a new polyploid genomes view!

The Gramene Team is pleased to announce its release #57 with 2,076,020 genes and 53 reference plant genomes.  Among the genes in this release, 1,892,629 are protein coding.  In turn 1,703,219 protein-coding genes are organized in 67,042 gene family trees.


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