Four Rosaceae Genomes Released

The DH Apple, Comice Pear, Sweet Cherry and Almond Genome project consortia have released the draft genome assemblies of the following four Rosaceae genomes this week:

  • Double haploid apple (Malus x domestica cv. “Golden Delicious”)
  • Double haploid pear (Pyrus communis cv “Doyenne du Comice”)
  • Sweet cherry (Prunus avium cv “Stella”)
  • Almond (Pyrus amygdalus – 2 selections S3067 and Lauranne)

The sequencing data is being made available to the research community prior to publication via the project consortia's Genome Portal at

Data may be downloaded and used by prior agreement to the terms of release, and the information should not be further re-distributed or publicly released.  The terms of agreement and instructions to set up a new account are available at

Community members interested in collaborating in the ongoing efforts on genome analysis and contributing to the manuscripts under preparation should contact the projects consortia.  Individuals may indicate their areas of interest on the new account sign up page.  It is expected that scientists who access these data, will not trespass on the consortia members’ ongoing efforts to analyze and publish a whole genome analysis of the afore-listed genomes.  Further anyone who accesses these data will agree not to publish whole-genome or whole chromosome scale analyses of the afore-listed genomes, analyses of gene families/genome structures/ repetitive sequences, comparative analyses with other organisms including other published plant genomes, or other
analyses such that they encroach and limit our opportunity to publish the findings of our work.

The Genome Consortia and Funding Acknowledgements document lists consortia members and funding support.

Source: Dr. Amit Dhingra (Washington State University)