Biocuration of Plant Developmental Processes in the Plant Reactome pathway resource

The advent of functional genomics has changed the scope, scale and speed at which new datasets are being generated and has posed the challenge for its comprehension and effective utilization to advance translational research. Plant Reactome portal of Gramene utilizes the Reactome data model and schema to capture publicly available data and knowledge to synthesize the models representing pathways and processes associated with plant metabolism, development and differentiation of plant organs and structures, and molecular interactions in response to the biotic and abiotic stimuli. 

The recent focus of Plant Reactome knowledgebase has been on the curation of various stages of the cell cycle, meristem identity and determinacy, organ differentiation and development, and transition from vegetative to reproductive phase. This effort entails the integration of molecular components, genetic regulation by transcription factors, plant hormones, small RNAs, associated metabolic pathways, and important phenotypes/ traits. At present, Plant Reactome hosts leaf,  shoot, root, inflorescence, anthers, endosperm, and embryo development pathways that were curated manually by mining the published literature (see attached screenshot of the reproductive meristem phase change and  regulation of seed size processes in O. sativa).

Reproductive meristem phase change in O. sativa


regulation of seed size