Gramene in the Plant Genome Evolution 2017 Conference

Plant Genome Evolution 2017, a Current Opinion in Plant Biology Conference, is currently being held at Meliá Sitges, Sitges (near Barcelona), Spain (1-3 October 2017). About 200 participants across the globe are discussing their recent discoveries and research about the plant genomes including features of recently sequenced plant genomes, transcriptome, evolutionary relationships of genes and genomes and various regulatory mechanisms that drive the evolution of plant genomes and are responsible for the individual characteristics of a given plant species.  

Dr. Sushma Naithani from Gramene project (Oregon State University) is presenting a poster on the Plant Reactome portal of the Gramene that provides comparative pathway resources for 67 plant species ranging from unicellular cyanobacteria,  green/red algae,  to several models and crop plants. Researchers can use Plant Reactome resource to explore the association of various genes with the plant pathways and can analyze their genomic level gene expression data set as well as gene-gene interaction data in the context of plant pathways that derive the various developmental and metabolic changes in plants.

If anyone needs help using any of the genomic tools and resources provided by Gramene database, they can contact Sushma Naithani or set an appointment during the meeting (email: