Gramene at PAG 2019 Conference

The Gramene team looks forward to meeting plant researchers at the Plant and Animal Genome XXVII conference from 12th-16th January, 2019. You can meet Gramene folks at: 

             Poster # PE1168: Pankaj Jaiswal / Justin Preece (Gramene)

             Poster # PE0044:  Sushma Naithani, Justin Preece (Plant pathway curation outreach)

            Poster # PO0813: Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz (Maize annotation jamboree)

  • Gramene Workshop (Tuesday, Jan 15, 1:30 PM-4:00 PM): We would like to invite plant researchers to the Gramene workshop to be held in the California room, Town and Country hotel at San Diego, CA on Tuesday, Jan 15 1:30 PM-4:00 PM. Here, we will review the available data and resources in Gramene, while focusing on an improved search tool and web interface that allows users to interpret and explore queried data, an Ensembl genome browser with 57 plant reference genomes, newly curated pathways and orthologous pathway projections in the Plant Reactome, and integrated plant gene expression data from Expression Atlas. We will showcase the power of Gramene's resources and have invited talks from experts working on rice, maize, EBI Expression Atlas, scoring alternate splicing, machine learning in data mining and updates from the gene structure and pathway curation jamborees.  The workshop is open to everyone. Attendees may bring their own data to discuss their work with the Gramene team.

Talks Schedule

i). 1:30 PM: Pankaj Jaiswal Oregon State University) #W577 Gramene: A Comparative Genomics Resource Leveraging Genome to Nucleotide to Pathway-Level Views, Searches and Analysis across Plant Tree of Life.

ii). 1:50 PM: Rod A. Wing (Arizona Genomics Institute, University of Arizona) # W578: Towards the Completion of a Set of Platinum Standard Reference Genome Sequences (PSRefSeqs) that bridge the Genetic Diversity of Cultivated Rice & its Wild Relatives.

iii).  2:10 PM: Jianing Liu (University of Georgia) #W579 Whole Genome Assembly and Annotation of the Maize NAM Founders.

iv). 2:30 PM: Sarina Awatramani (University of California Los Angeles) #W580 Scoring Alternative Transcripts.

v). 2:42 PM: Sushma Naithani (Oregon State University) # W581 Involving the Research Community in Biocuration of Genes and Pathways.

vi) 2:57 PM Amit Gupta (Texas Advanced Computing Center) # W582 DIVE: Publication Pipeline Integration with Automated Biological Entity Detection and Validation Service.

vii). 3:12 PM Rajdeep Khangura (Department of Biochemistry, Purdue University) #W583 Prototyping Community Curation Approaches for Improving Maize Genome Annotation. 

viii). 3:24 PM Nancy George (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK) #W584 Visualisation and Analysis of Plant Gene Expression Functional Genomics Data in Expression Atlas

Have a safe trip.

See you soon..