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Community Annotation Poster at SUNY Old Westbury's 2019 Student Research Day Conference

Every spring, SUNY Old Westbury hosts an annual Student Research Day.  Students showcase the results of their research and creativity through oral, poster, media and art presentations or exhibits. These academic and artistic achievements represent the effort of in-class assignments and out-of-class experiences conducted with faculty, with more than 100 students participating each year.

The 2019 Student Research Day was held on Tuesday, April 16th under the theme: RESEARCH FOR CHANGE.


Saturday DNA: Get to Know GMOs! - A WiSE event

On Saturday, April 13, members of the Ware Lab at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), including Gramene's Principal Investigator, Dr. Doreen Ware, and project manager and outreach coordinator, Dr.


Workshop on Cereal Genomics at CSHL, October 15 - 21, 2019. Apply by Aug 15

Workshop on Cereal Genomics
October 15 - 21, 2019
Application Deadline: August 15


Sarah Hake, USDA/UC Berkeley Plant Gene Expression Center
David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Doreen Ware, USDA/Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Maize Genome Annotation Jamboree for Maize Researchers. St. Louis, MO. March 13-14, 2019

The first Maize Annotation Jamboree for Maize Researchers was held on March 13-14, 2019 at the Biology Department of the Washington University in St. Louis MO.


2019 PAG Conference: Gramene workshop, talks and posters

The recent 2019 Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) Conference brought together over 3,000 leading genetic scientists and researchers in plant and animal research, over 130 exhibits, 150 workshops, 1100 posters and over 1800 abstracts.


Gramene Workshop

First Maize Genome Annotation Jamboree for PUI Faculty

The first Maize Annotation Jamboree for Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUI) faculty was held on January 10-11, 2019 at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA.


Participants and instructors of the first Maize Genome Annotation Jamboree for PUI Faculty at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Scholarships for PUI faculty for Maize Genome Annotation Jamborees 2019

Scholarships for PUI faculty to develop student projects to improve the maize reference genome


before Plant and Animal Genome Conference (San Diego, CA; January 10-11, 2019)




The Gramene Database build 58 is out with new and updated genomes!

The Gramene Team is pleased to announce its release #58 with 2,140,348 genes and 56 reference plant genomes.  Among those, 1,783,803 protein-coding genes are organized in 71,284 gene family trees.

Scholarships available for PUI faculty -- Maize Annotation Jamboree: RESCHEDULED for 2019

The NSF-funded MaizeCODE and Gramene projects invites PUI faculty to apply to participate in maize genome annotation jamborees in 2019. The goal of each Jamboree will be to test and mature genome annotation tools being developed for MaizeCODE, while contributing to the genome annotation of the 24 NAM founder lines of the Maize PanGenome.


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