Version 1.0 release of the peach genome

The International Peach Genome Initiative (IPGA) has released version 1.0 of the peach genome sequence.

Arabidopsis GWAS paper in Nature

Gramene users might be interested in the paper "Genome-wide association study of 107 phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana inbred lines", by S. Atwell et al., published in Nature, March 24, 2010.

Report from maize meeting in Italy

By Doreen Ware

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 52nd Maize Genetics meeting that took place from March 18-21, 2010, in Riva del Garda, Italy. This is the first time the meeting has taken place in Italy. The science and venue set a very high bar for the future maize genetics meetings.

iPlant Genomics Education Workshops

The iPlant Collaborative ( announces free, 2-day workshops to introduce DNA Subway, iPlant's first educational Discovery Environment. Instruction and workshop materials, lunches and coffee breaks are provided, as well as a stipend of $100 are provided. Further support for travel or other related expenses cannot be provided. DNA Subway was developed to make high-level genome analysis broadly available to students and educators.

New version of Flapjack

Flapjack, a software tool from SCRI for "graphical genotyping and haplotype visualization", is now available at their download page. Gramene's genetic diversity modules offers SNP data in Flapjack format.

Recent Gramene citations

Two recent papers have cited Gramene. In 2009, Yamamoto et al.

Gramene Interim Release 30a

Today Gramene announces an interim release (Build 30a) with the following updates:


Wheat Ph1 gene report and Gramene contribution.

Fine mapping and characterization of the Wheat Ph1 gene, a suppressor of crossing over between homologous chromosomes reported by Sidhu et al. PNAS April 15, 2008 vol. 105 no. 15 5815-5820 extensively used Gramene database for analysis and confirming their results. An excellent example of Gramene database usage and its contribution to advancement of plant biology research.

Gramene's outreach at RTWG

A member of the Gramene team attended The Rice Technical Working Group's (RTWG) 33rd Meeting in Biloxi, MS February 22-25, 2010 and presented a talk titled "Rice genotype, phenotype, and germplasm data in the Gramene database" at the RTWG Applied Genomics Workshop.

Gramene's outreach at PAG

Several of Gramene's personnel were present at the 2010 Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) conference in San Diego, CA. We presented posters on metabolic pathway networks for cereal plants, genome visualization tools, and using our genetic diversity data for genotype-phenotype association analysis in grass species as well as flowering time variation across three plant species. We additionally presented an hour-long demonstration of using the Gramene website as a genomics and genetics resource for rice and other grasses.


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